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Map: Collusion by mX|Snowy

  • Tech Republic - An Elite Cube Engine Gaming Clan est. 2008
  • Founded in 2008, the clan literally started out like almost any other map... out of boredom. One day a couple of my friends and I were designing a role playing map. After much arguing, we finally settled on a castle - Not like your average middle age structure but one with more modern elements an futuristic twist. Upon completion one of my friends suggested to turn the castle into a base where we could could meet and edit together. That's when it hit me, "A Gaming Clan...", I said to myself. We all agreed this was a very good idea and built a chain of 7 smaller castles around the larger centerpiece. I then named this kingdom the "Metal Archipelago". We then organized member rooms and in no time Tech Republic was born. Initially, we started out with 7 members but the demand for entry grew so much we were forced to expand to nearly Quadruple the size we had... So to this day my 3 favorite editing styles are Medieval, Modern/Urban, and Futuristic

  • " I started this clan with a vision in mind - to create a fun and welcoming gaming environment for all cubers, and to become one of the greatest editing and fighting clans the community has ever known (Well, at least we're working on it...) "

- MasterTechCC, Founder and Clan Leader
Tech Republic - We are the Elemental Warriors
"Together we Create, Together we Grow, Together we Achieve"

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