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Clan Guidelines

Updated January 10th, 2014

Welcome to the Tech Republic Gaming Clan! Our goal is to train you to become a great mapper or fighter while further improving your skills. We hope that your membership in the clan will become a social experience that you will never forget during the time you play Cube Engine. Below is a list of basic rules and Information that are essential to be reviewed
General Information
  • Clan Name: Tech Republic
  • Clan Motto: Together we Create - Together we Grow - Together we Achieve
  • Clan Slogan: The Elemental Warriors
  • Name of Headquarters Building: The Metal Archipelago
  • The clan is capable of hosting up to 3 servers, along with two extra from Yotsubanome for your convenience
  • Because of International Members, Meeting schedules will be adjusted in favor of time zones
  • Memberships in Multiple Clans are Permitted (3 Max with Allied Exceptions)
  • IRC Channel: irc:// - Xfire: Tech Republic
  • Maximum Council Members Allowed: 5
  • Maximum Clan Members Allowed: 25

Ranking System (Website Seals)
  • Clan Leader: Head Master of Tech Republic
  • Administrator: Have all website and server privileges
  • Inner Circle Moderator: Same as Council Members but have auth server privileges
  • Inner Circle: Performs all the decision making in the clan
  • Regular Clan Member: All members of the clan
    • Supervisor: Oversees lower ranks/newcomers and are allowed apprentices (2008 Founder's Rule)
    • Squad Leader: Commands divisions of fighters; assists in organizing clan wars
    • Elite Editors: Finest editors in the group, basic membership
  • Intern: The newbie group, may not yet participate in group activities
  • Community User: Other guests that use the website for Forums, IRC, etc.

Joining the Clan
  • Tech Republic is an Elite Gaming Clan that takes Mapping very seriously and Skills to the next Level - We hand pick our members carefully
  • When applying to join the clan you will be faced with several tests involving both Mapping and Combat aspects. Based on their evaluated performance the Council will vote on whether the person is admitted or not. The Final vote must be 2/3 Yes and/or Clan Leader Approved
  • Although the Clan stresses the improvement of both skills, a good experience in Editing is required to join

Existing Members

  • Existing members must remain active through any means, either in the forums, via the IRC Channels, or in-game servers
  • The clan will always have at least 2 administrators active at any given time
  • Members that do not show activity for over 2 months will be marked as inactive, and members that are inactive for over 4 months will be removed from the clan after a Council vote. This means that they have to submit a new map for clan re-entry although it will be significantly easier to enter the second time if they were previously considered

Expectations Of Members and Allies
  • Members are expected to be on their best behavior - When its time to get serious, its time to get serious
  • Members must pay strict attention to Inner Circle Members and Head Masters during meetings
  • Members must be willing to assist other members at any time of need
  • Members will not address any information to unauthorized persons; if so that person may be subject to:

  1. If Surrendering: Probation and/or Rank Demotion (Level of Punishment varies based on Importance)
  2. If Betraying: A Clan War will be declared, Re-entry to clan may not be allowed

Tech Republic and Yotsubanome Association

  • All Clans Affiliated with the Technical Yotsubanome Association must Pledge to be Respectful and honest to our members, our skills, our name, and myself at all times - if so then we will show the same honor in return
  • If Allies show an act of Senselessness, Betrayal, or any other negative activity to the Tech Republic or Yotsubanome: Clans will Fight to the Death and All Services will be opt-out until further notice

Usage of Headquarters and Respect for Other Creations
  • Edit Only in Assigned Rooms/Lab
  • When Editing in Rooms, You may modify anything as long as the original size of the area is not changed
  • Entering Head Master's Quarters Without Permission is Forbidden
  • Respect Other Member's Rank Especially if Higher Than Yours
  • Cheating/Hacking Results in Humiliation
  • Do not Steal/Mapwrecking Will Not Be Tolerated
  • Follow All Directions Given by your Leader
  • Failure to Comply With Rules = Instant Kick/Probation

Updated January 10th, 2014

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